Northern Beer Temple

Northern Beer Temple re-opens on 3rd June but here’s the rub … things won’t be quite the same to begin with.

I’ve thought long and hard about the best way to operate ensuring the safety of us all, so to begin with the shop will be returning with a click & collect ordering system. All new stock will be washed upon arrival and then quarantined for three days before listing on site and high levels of hygiene will be continued into the picking and packing of orders. Hopefully this will allow everyone to shop with confidence. If you have any questions about how your order will be prepared please feel free to contact the shop.

Additional advantages are …
1) You’ll be able to order beer you fancy as you see it, for collection at a time that suits you (so long as it’s within 7 days)
2) I’ll be able to get on with the work needed to allow you all in for onsite drinking without effecting business too much.
3) Most importantly, You won’t have to lose an hour of your lives each week listening to me ramble on about … well … just about anything (although if you’ve missed that I’m sure something can be arranged)

I’m offering a limited delivery service in the evenings for those who are self isolating or who really can’t get to the shop for other medical reasons, .. I’m really counting on most people being able to collect for themselves.

I’m sure there will be a few teething problems, so get in touch however suits and I’ll do my best to iron them out as we go along.

With the shop being shut the last couple of months I’m sure you won’t be surprised to hear I have a higher amount of out of date/short dated stock than normal, these are all ‘on sale’ with their BBE dates within the descriptions, if anyone can help out by taking a can/bottle or two in their orders I’d be grateful .. it would be a huge help.

The shops hours have changed for the time being to, from now on 2pm – 6pm Tues to Fri, 12pm – 6pm Sat, and 12pm – 5pm Sun.

For what’s on offer, check out their website at

Hope to see you all soon.

John 🙂🍻

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